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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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15 School St.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Telephone: 508 289 2663

The Institute , WHOI, is a private nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to the study of marine science. The shore-based facilities are in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and at our 200 acre Quissett campus. The laboratories are not open to the public, but we maintain a small, public Exhibit Center on School Street in Woods Hole where visitors are welcome! The Exhibit Center features displays about WHOI research vessels, underwater vehicles, oceanographic instruments, and many research projects. Video and displays about Alvin, the deep-diving submersible, plus a life-size model of Alvin's personnel sphere. A brief video about the 1985-1986 discovery of the wreck of RMS Titanic, and a brief video and displays about hydrothermal vents the geology of the ocean floor, and marine mammals. Parking is limited and we encourage summer visitors to park at the shopping malls and municipal lots in Falmouth and take the WHOOSH trolley to Woods Hole. There is a minimal fee and we suggest you call 800-352 7155 to check on the schedule. The Institute is closed for the Months of January, February and March; New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The schedule varies and it is best to call in advance 508 289 2663 or 508 289 2252.

Operating Season

Closed in January, February, and March, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.