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Turtle Soup

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113 Ocean Road
Narragansett, RI 02882

Telephone: (401) 792-8683

This year-old restaurant made waves with visitors to Narragansett this summer, and their praise for the food lures people there. Turtle Soup is the most recent in an extended line of eateries to open on the first floor of this turn-of-the-century seaside inn, currently called the Ocean Rose Inn. Turtle Soup's menu lists a half- dozen salads and nine sandwiches, but it is easy to gravitate toward the heftier entrees. From the wide-ranging appetizers (including Cajun shrimp, calamari, crab cakes, Tortuga mussels), you can create your own fusion menu: Chinese pot stickers ($7) and pesto pizza ($7). The small veggie dumplings are steamed and served with a spicy sweet-hot Thai sauce that is quite delicious. The six- slice pesto pizza, with a bit of mesclun salad on the side, is topped with sliced grilled portobellos, fresh tomatoes and plenty of mozzarella. The salmon ($13) is topped with a honey-mustard viniagrette and toasted walnuts, and the salmon steak is perched on a mound of red-bliss mashed potatoes and surrounded by a colorful portion of pea pods and carrot slivers. Executive chef Leigh Ann Saunders comes to Turtle Soup after stints at the Atomic Grill and the Catering Collaborative, and her humor is as welcome as her eclectic cooking. Under the description of the "turtle salad" (actually a Southwestern-tinged chicken breast), the fine print reveals that "no turtles were harmed in the creation of this salad," and "The Hemingway" sandwich is the fish of the day. The bar has weekly featured wines, a good selection of beer and specialty drinks. Desserts at Turtle Soup look to the theme; there are two with chocolate and caramel, a la "turtle" candies. One is a chocolate torte with caramel, and the other is a chocolate brownie with ice cream and caramel, the latter referred to as a "turtle chubby." We ordered two to split and could not finish them.

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