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Nancy Cascade-Waterfall

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Rt. 302
North Conway, NH 03860


Nancy Cascade, a series of lovely cascades with a drop of about 400 feet, is your reward at the end of the Nancy Pond Trail, 2.4 mile hike. The trail is of moderate difficulty, shady and cool.
Ripley Falls & Kendron Flume. About a half a mile in on the Arethusa-Ripley Falls trail is the 100 foot high Ripley Falls. Swimming holes at the top of the falls and pools upstream. Advise against climbing over the face of the falls "a little slippery". The trail starts at the gift shop. A really lovely hike.
Silver & Flume Cascade, Beecher Cascades, Peal Cascade and Gibb Falls. North of Rt. 302 in the Notch. Easy .4 mile hike beginning on the Avalon Trail follow the signs. The fifth falls, go up Crawford Path to the 35 foot Gibb Falls, which begins across Rt. 302 from Crawford Depot. The Falls can also be seen from the car window.

Operating Season

Weather permitting